How to Install Window Film

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How to install Adhesive and Sheer Window Film from

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Required Tools:

- Pencil or Marker
- Scissors
- Spray Bottle
- Squeegee
- Sharp Craft Knife or Box Cutter

Things Needed?

- Adhesive or Sheer Window Film
- Glass Cleaner
- Water
- Book/Magazine to Weigh Down Corners of Film

Step-by-Step Window Film Installation Instructions

Step 1 :Unroll the Window Film
Lay the roll of film pattern side up to allow the film to relax and flatten out. Weighting the corners with a book or magazine will quicken the process.
Step 2 : Clean the Glass
Remove any caulk, paint or glue debris that may be stuck to the window. Clean the glass surface with a household window cleaner and dry thoroughly.
Step 3 : Measure and Mark The Window Film
If your film has not been custom pre-cut with score lines, measure your windows and mark the dimensions on the face of the film with a pencil or marker. Always add 1+ inch on every side when doing this so you have excess film to trim away from the window after positioning.
Step 4 : Remove Window Film from the Backer
Peeling the film off of the backer: When you’ve cut your film down to size, you may need to use two pieces of tape and adhere to the rear and front of one corner of the film to remove the film from the backer. Continue to lift the film from the backer until it is completely free of the liner paper. (Large pieces will require two people to manage the film.)
Step 5 : Spray the Glass
Spray the window generously with a spray bottle filled with water and 1-2 drops dishwashing liquid (Joy, Dawn, etc.). Spray the back of the film to activate the adhesive. Both window and film should be fully misted without excessive water dripping. Without enough water there will be unwanted air bubbles.
Step 6 : Apply the Window Film
Starting at a top corner of the window, press down the top edge of the film with your fingers, then continue to lay the film down with your hands, following with your squeegee to ensure full film to window contact. (Hint: Spraying the front of the film lightly will make the squeegee move smoother and avoid scratching). With your squeegee make sweeping movements outward from the top down and center outward to remove excess water and bubbles. It might also be useful to squeegee in very short and deliberate strokes to “chase” the bubbles out to the edges. Be persistent, the water will find its way out if gently coaxed!
Step 7 : Smooth and Trim the Window Film
Using your squeegee, work the film into the edges as tightly as possible then trim excess material away with a VERY sharp knife with a new blade installed.
Step : 8 Remove Remaining Air Bubbles
If bubbles persist, use a fine needle to pierce the bubble and force the air out through the pierced hole.
Step 9 : Allow the Window Film to Cure
For several days the film will cure and adhere to the glass fully. As the adhesive takes hold patches of cloudiness may develop, but these will disappear when drying is complete. Above or below average temperatures may extend drying time.