Ventnor Tile Stickers

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Artfully designed, affordable tile decals

provide a makeover in minutes! Sold in sets of 10, these waterproof decals are perfect for kitchen and bath backsplashes, tub surrounds, and in showers—direct water spray is no problem…

Why Buy Tile Stickers

Because they’re the life of the party: Fun, easy, and they stick around only as long as you want them to.

Tile Decal Size

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    We sell 2 sizes of standard squares and can custom print any size up to a 12” square, including subway tile sizes. If you select the custom size option, simply enter width and height and your new price will appear. For more information see the sizing tab below.

  • Decal Height (in inches) *

    Max: 12

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    Max: 12

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Tile Decal Material

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Want to add life to your tiles? Cover your old, boring, unwanted, or slightly cracked tiles with StickPretty tile decals and delight in years of color and design for a fraction of the cost of new tiles.

The adhesive backing will bond to your tile using just a few drops of water. If you choose to remove them, then the decals can be peeled away effortlessly, leaving no residue behind. And the upkeep is simple, use a non-abrasive cleanser and cloth to gently clean the surface taking care not to scrub aggressively or turn up any of the corners.

We recommend decal use on walls only. The decals do not contain the grip necessary to use them on floor tiles.

Available as 4′′ squares that cover 4.25′′ tiles, 6″ squares, and any custom size up to 12” squares. (Please note that what the building industry refers to as 4” tiles actually measure 4.25” x 4.25”. Measure your squares and you’ll see what we mean!).

If you have any other size square up to 12″ or subway size please enter your dimensions using the custom tool and we’ll get you taken care of. 

We recommend Simple Stripe, Optic Stripe, Tonal Stripe, All-Over Linen, and our Solid Color designs for subway size tiles. If you would like to know more about placing a square design on a subway size decal, please click here. 

We have 3 primary styles: Mosaics, Multi-Color Variety, Solid Color.

Mosaics: Looking for that true tile experience? The mosaics are stunning printed photos of original artwork from centuries past. They are printed on our white material (never clear) so your tile will be fully covered by your new decal–none of the original tile will be visible. Each design is available only as seen, no additional color options.

Multi-Color Variety: Want to see an array of color options in a single design? The Multi-Color patterns give you the opportunity to match your decor in whatever way you’d like. Whether it’s a tone-on-tone match, a complementary color, or a neutral or vivid color contrast that you’re looking for you’ll find it!

Solid Colors: Want a solid square for a clean and pattern-free look? Our Solid Colors give you the option to keep it simple. Your choices include white and black squares, neutral grays, and bold primary colors. Please note: the white decals are not an exact match to white tiles–natural aging gives everyone’s tiles a slightly different tint.

All designs are printed on one of two adhesive decal materials: white or clear vinyl. The white material covers the tile underneath, hiding the surface completely. The clear decals allow the natural color of a tile to show through.

The Mosaics are printed on the white material only, and the Multi-Color Variety decals can be printed on either the white or clear material. The Solid Color decals are pre-colored vinyls that are not printable. All materials are applied using water and a squeegee.

Download our Tile Decal Instructions: 


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