Willow Privacy Window Film

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with our modern window privacy film celebrating style and sunlight, providing pretty bathroom privacy that never blocks the light.

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Bathroom privacy window film –use it anywhere in the house…

StickPretty window film on shower doors or windows will give you the freedom of comfort in your bathroom. But bathroom privacy window film will do the same for all of your other living spaces from living areas and bedrooms to kitchens and home offices. Wherever you need that bit of extra privacy, our privacy window film is the easy answer.

Why buy bathroom privacy window film?

The beauty of the film’s translucence combined with the practicality of the faux-glass privacy will give you the look of real glass without the cost. The specially treated film provides full 24/7 coverage for those looking for full privacy. All you need to do is apply it with a few drops of water a squeegee. Our bathroom privacy window film is self-adhesive, peel-and-stick, and once it’s on there’s no maintenance. And it always seems we’re looking for more never less privacy in our bathrooms!

Why shop with us when there are other privacy films similar to our on the market?

The answer is simple: all bathroom privacy window film is not created equal. Not only is our privacy cling material the only Green PET phthalate-free customizable window film on the market, but our designs are all original, created in studio by our creative team. And then there’s our customer service. We are always here to answer questions, help you sort through what’s needed for your project, AND guide you in creating a custom piece. Simply put you will find the best window film for bathroom privacy at StickPretty.

What if you never considered window film before and had your heart set on shades, curtains, or blinds?

Here are a few points to consider: First of all, frosted privacy film is by far the most hygienic option. It wipes clean and does not hold dust, mold, mildew, or retain smells. It also happens to be the most unobtrusive of window treatments. You do not need to open or close it, lift or lower it, and you most certainly do not need to make any holes on your wall or tile to install it. And never forget cost–bathroom privacy window film is easily the most wallet friendly choice over custom blinds, shades, and curtains that have recently spiked with today’s inflation.

And if you’re just not sure what to think of bathroom privacy window film, wondering if it’s design-forward enough for you, here are 2 words: Scandinavian Design. (Aren’t we all at least a little bit obsessed with Scandinavian design?) No one loves their window film more than Scandinavians, who have been embracing it for both its style and practicality for decades. Why? Because it never ever ever blocks the light. It embraces daylight like no other material, aside from humble and not at all private plain glass.

And then there’s the aesthetic of privacy window film. It works seamlessly with today’s sleek and simple interiors. As the antithesis of heavy curtains and fussy blinds, window film will do its work in a stealth but sleek way, never interrupting the lines of a minimal interior. And for more layered exteriors it allows other elements in a room to sing, never stealing the spotlight from hand-picked furnishings and treasures.

Why is Window Privacy Film the best option for your next window covering?

Because it’s easy to install, is maintenance-free, and does exactly what it’s meant to do—creates privacy. Pretty and practical.

3 Material Options: 1) StickPretty’s EXCLUSIVE eco friendly privacy cling film; 2) adhesive privacy film that can be custom cut; 3) sheer film blending privacy with a hint of a view. (See the materials section below to learn more about our 3 options to see which one is best for your project.)

4 Versatile Colors: White is the classic window film choice, but we think black makes a statement and we highly recommend it. We also have a cool gray and warm brown for those of you coordinating with specific color palettes. We can also print a custom color if you provide a HEX, CMYK, or RGB code.

Any Size You Need: Choose from one of our 4 signature sizes or have us create a custom piece(s) for you (see the Custom  Size Tab for more details.)

DIY Friendly: Once your roll of window film arrives, all you need to install any of our 3 films — to stick it to your window — is water, scissors, and a squeegee (or credit card). INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS INCLUDED!

Wonderfully Waterproof: Don’t fret overspray from a showerhead, hand-held body spray, tub filler, or kitchen or utility sink splashes, because once our film takes hold the grip is nearly impervious. With gentle non-abrasive cleaning the film will stick for years. Shower doors and bathroom windows are perfect places to use our film as is absolutely any window in the house!

Boutique Brand Quality and Assistance: StickPretty window films lead the market as a smart decorative solution for bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere privacy and light are needed in equal measure. We print each order on demand in our Florida studio and we are ALWAYS here to answer questions or address the specifics of your project.

Additional info:

  • All of our films trim beautifully with household scissors.
  • We guarantee a minimum of 3-years durability.
  • Removal of the window film will not damage glass.
  • Keep it dust free with non-abrasive cleaners.
  • In an attempt to prevent waste we do not carry inventory, all items are made to order.
  • Please allow at least 10 business days for your fabulous new film to arrive.

If you need help choosing the right size, call 888.667.6961 or write [email protected].

Which material is right for you?

All 3 of our window films are designed as long-lasting window covering solutions that are easy-care alternatives to shades, curtains, and blinds.

Our 2 privacy films provide a traditional frosted glass appearance and 24-hour day/night privacy. It’s up to you if you choose our pre-pasted adhesive material or our adhesive-free, eco friendly cling film that can be reused.

Our 3rd option, a sheer film, features a modest blur to discourage prying eyes while maintaining your view of shapes and colors in your outdoor landscape. Keep reading to find out more about our industry leading window films.

What our films have in COMMON
Translucence, letting in beautiful light, while helping block the harsher UVA and UVB rays.

DIY friendly, applying easily with scissors, water (a little drop of dish soap if sheer or adhesive is used) and, ideally, a buddy to lend an extra set of hands. No professionals necessary, but if you’re not feeling crafty, a wallpaper hanger can handle this material in his/her sleep!

Waterproof, looking gorgeous in any room, but especially useful in bathrooms. Now is the time to cover that shower door!

Removable, leaving behind the same smooth glass you started with. If any residue is ever left behind a swipe of mineral spirits will remove it.

Day & Night Consistency*, giving you the same level of privacy 24/7. If you choose the adhesive or the cling you’ll have full privacy—looking in our out—at all times. If you choose sheer you’ll always have a view inside and out.

*Please note: We do not sell 1-way privacy film as this is a great product only during the daylight hours when the sun is up and it’s brighter outside than inside. When night falls and the indoor lights outshine the outdoors there is no longer any privacy.

All of our window films arrive to you as neatly rolled sheets in eco chic brown Kraft tubes. Full installation instructions are always included.

The ADVANTAGES are in the differences!

PVC-free Cling Privacy FilmAdhesive Privacy FilmAdhesive Sheer Film
This is our signature film, providing a gorgeous frosted glass appearance in addition to full privacy. It’s the only eco friendly pvc-free and phthalate-free choice on the market as far as we know! It applies to windows like butter and trims beautifully with household scissors. It can be installed anywhere the adhesive privacy film can and it has the same years-long staying power, despite being adhesive free. It can also be removed and reused. Our only film that has this advantage.

We are happy to print this film in any size but our printers are not able to cut this film. If you need custom cut film you’ll have to move on to one of our other two films…
Providing just as pretty a frosted glass look as our pvc-free film, we are able to both print AND CUT this material to your window’s exact measurements, if you choose the custom option. The plastics in this film actually make it a bit more malleable allowing our machines to softly cut score lines into the material. To install the perfect pre-cut film all you need to do is lift it from the backing paper, spray with water, and apply—no scissors needed!

And if you want the same beautiful light that our privacy films allow but want to maintain a bit of your inside and outside views then you want to consider our 3rd option…
This material blurs rather than obstructs views, ‘softening’ your line of sight. You can still enjoy the beauty of what’s outside and those outside can get an idea of what they’re seeing inside, but exact details remain blocked. This material is not pvc-free, therefore it can be both custom printed AND CUT to your exact measurements, if you choose the custom option. A very popular choice for more moderate privacy needs!

Want to place a custom order?


If one of our 4 size selections does not suit you, we are happy to custom print any of our films to your window’s exact measurements.

Please enter each window’s measurements and add them to the cart one by one.

We recommend giving as exact a measurement as possible. If you have older windows that may vary a bit in size then you can include an extra 1″ – 1.5″ to allow for trimming with a razor blade or craft knife once the film has been installed.


If you choose the adhesive privacy or the sheer film we will both print AND CUT your film to size.

The PVC-free cling is too delicate for us to pre-cut so we will print not cut it to size if a custom size is ordered. However, don’t worry, it trims beautifully with household scissors. All you would need to do is follow the edge of the pattern to cut your piece of perfectly fitting film.

Please keep in mind that ALL of our orders are printed on-demand as we receive them so each order gets the special attention it deserves. Adding a custom size adds ONLY a few days, if any, to our average turnaround time of 10 business days.

If you would like any help at all on measuring, ordering, or understanding which film is right for you, you can always reach our to us at 888.667.6961 or [email protected]


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