how to decorate a bathroom wall

How to Decorate a Bathroom Wall to Give It a New Look 

Bathroom walls tend to get overlooked when it comes to interior decoration.  

But the walls can change the look of the bathroom and also add to the space’s longevity. 

Wondering how to decorate a bathroom wall? Focus on your needs and chalk out a design that accounts for all the utility you can get out of your bathroom wall. 

Bathroom Makeover: Elements That You Cannot Overlooked 

A bathroom is more than a functional space where you get yourself clean; it’s where you go to relax, meditate, and replenish your soul. Your decor should reflect that. 

Here’s what you can do to add just the right touch of wellness to your space:

Set the Mood with Lighting 

Use lights to create an oasis as you wind down after a tiring day at work. A wall sconce or spotlights will set the mood in your bathroom, but if there’s one thing you cannot go wrong with, it’s accent lights. They tie up the theme of your decor unlike anything else and draw attention to decorations, wall art, and so on. 

Want to change the vibe of your bathroom at will? Consider dimming LEDs with a separate driver; they’ll help you transform your room from dark to cozy in a matter of seconds. 

Get a Custom Paint Job

A simple coat of paint can do wonders for your bathroom. 

You can play it safe with soothing neutrals and colors inspired by nature or add some jazz with purple — associated with royalty, navy blue for a stylish nautical feel, and ash gray or charcoal for a contemporary twist. You could also let your creativity shine and play with some painter’s tape; it’s the best way to add patterns to your wall. 

Just make sure to choose a formula that stands its ground against mold and mildew; it’ll resist water absorption and prevent any damage to the walls over time. 

Bring Nature Inside 

Houseplants in bathrooms are a hot topic — and for good reason

They add a touch of greenery to your space, creating a spa-esque atmosphere while improving indoor air quality. When choosing plants to elevate your powder room, look to species that’ll do well even in humid environments and low-light conditions. 

Humidity-loving bird’s nest fern by a window, pothos that hang off your shower curtain, bamboo in containers, the forgiving Chinese evergreen, and air plant that doesn’t require potting are good options. Aloe vera will also be a superior choice, as it will elevate your bathroom while offering skincare benefits with its gel. 

If you’re not a big fan of growing a mini-garden in your bathroom, you could use fake plants instead. They’ll make your space look great — without requiring commitment. 

Pay Special Attention to Shower Enclosures 

Most people focus on getting the right shower, but few pay attention to creating a space where you can take a bath without getting the entire bathroom wet. 

Shower enclosures can change that. Take a look at the options available: 

  • Shower Curtains: They take up very little space, add a soft look to any space, and make your bathroom appear bigger than it actually is.  
  • Glass Doors: They create a tight seal, keeping water exactly where it belongs: the shower. They’re easy to clean and air dry quickly, keeping mold and mildew at bay and reducing puddles on the floor outside the shower.

If you’re wondering which one to choose, go for glass doors. They are far more sanitary and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, you can choose between different types: see-through glass and frosted glass. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective option, window film is an excellent option. It’s affordable, comes in many designs, and also provides privacy without costing you an arm and a leg. 

How to Decorate the Bathroom Walls: A Quick Guide 

Can’t decide how to decorate a bathroom wall? Here are six genius tips that’ll help you breathe life into a dull bathroom: 

Add a Pop of Pattern with Wallpaper 

Wallpaper and bathrooms? 

We agree they’re not an obvious choice, but little strips of wallpaper here and there could add dimension and texture to your space, making it look much more intriguing. Plus, you have an incredible array of options to choose from — right from black and white to bold designs that elevate your bathroom’s aesthetics

Hang Some Bathroom-Friendly Artwork

Got some wall space?

Put it to good use by hanging artwork that ties up beautifully with the decor of your bathroom. Don’t worry; it won’t compromise your style, it will make your bathroom a sight to behold by adding harmony and dimension instead. 

However, make sure you’re hanging pieces that can be easily replaced, as the water and humidity in the bathroom could get trapped under the glass, damaging the piece. 

Or, you could opt for decorations that don’t require glass or glazing.

Bathroom art ideas like gallery wall tiles, metal art prints, and murals are good options, but we suggest you choose what you love to make the space uniquely yours.

Install a Floating Shelf 

You can never have enough space in your bathroom; of that, we’re certain. 

So add some by installing a floating shelf

Floating shelves are a great way to add more storage space to your bathroom without adding bulky furniture. Plus, you can customize it to your needs. For example, if you want to use it to display your skincare, a shelf that’s nearly invisible to the naked eye will do the trick. However, if you want to keep baskets or display ornaments, best go for something sturdy, such as a wooden shelf, to maximize every inch of the space. 

Having a perfect #shelfie has never been easier!

Pro tip: Got little ones? Install it on high ground so your babies don’t make it the center of their attention when they enter the bathroom.  

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall 

Change your looking glass to elevate your wall decor, make your bathroom appear bigger than it is, and brighten up the space. 

A minimalist mirror with curves will add a touch of elegance to the area above the sink in your bathroom while a folded corner mirror will add an element of jazz to an otherwise awkward corner. A hexagonal mirror with sides painted in the richest hue of blue or gold, on the other hand, will act as an accent, adding interest to your decor. 

Oh, and you can also install a bathroom mirror cabinet to get storage space and increased functionality with just the right touch of style. 

If you’re feeling creative (or can’t decide which option to go with), take a multi-mirror approach for an eclectic touch. 

Try Your Hand at an Informal Gallery Wall 

Yes, you can display your favorite part in the bathroom.

It’s an unconventional choice but one that creates a big impact.

Using a ledge to prop up your favorite prints is the best way to upgrade your bathroom without messing up your paintwork. You can use prints of different sizes, but we suggest you stick to a color theme for a clean, minimalist look.

As for frames, you can use whatever you have; make sure to spray paint them black to create a pop of contrast and bring interest and joy to your space. 

Tile Decals for the Win

A dainty peel-and-stick tile decal can make your space feel more like you. This done-in-an-afternoon update can create a show-stopping impression by itself, but you can also create a border around the tile work to make it look more upscale.

The best thing? They offer great relief when it comes to application and care. 

To lay them properly:

  1. Start by preparing the site. Remove molding with a putty knife and clean the flooring to remove any signs of debris.
  2. Measure the floor to find the center point, then use a chalk line to create a template. This will help you carve out the tiles to fit. 
  3. Peel the paper backing from the tiles, and push them on the floor (or wall!), starting from the center and then expanding to the entire room. 
  4. Replace the molding, sweep any debris, and you’re all set!

Avoid washing the new tile decal for at least a week post-installation. 

If you want to extend its lifespan, consider damp cleaning the tile; it will get rid of the buildup without penetrating past the surface and wearing off the surface seal. You should also avoid using harsh chemicals as they can cause discoloration.

Pro tip: Choose a style that compliments your cabinet and vanity colors, is the right size for whatever effect you’re going for, and consider your budget!

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to decorate a bathroom wall, it’s time to get down to business. Choose elements that’ll complement the size of the space and the vibe you’re trying to emulate. Most importantly, choose what you like

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