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Transform Your Bathroom with Trendy Bathroom Renovations Updates

Looking for a home improvement project that won’t put too large a dent in your budget? You can give your master bathroom or a powder room a complete decorative makeover without spending a fortune. Affordable bathroom window treatments and tile decals will elevate the look of your bathroom space and help you transform its style. Use the following tips on bathroom renovations to update your bathroom for trend-right appeal.

Bathroom Window Treatments

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Window treatments in the bathroom can be tricky. You need to pay close attention to the fabric or material type of your blinds before installing new ones. Many window treatment materials cannot hold up to the moisture-rich setting of a bathroom. The wrong material can become a haven for mildew and mold growth.

To ensure that you maintain your clean, easy-to-maintain bathroom setting, opt for privacy window film for bathroom windows. This type of film is available in a myriad of decorative styles. You simply peel the film and place it atop your interior window. The film can stand up to moisture and humidity while providing the room with privacy. Moreover, you can choose a film pattern and colors that perfectly blend with your decorative style.

Tile Decals

As with privacy window film, tile decals, sometimes called tile stickers or tile tattoos, are available in a wide range of colors and designs. If your current tile is in good shape but you’re tired of its color or pattern, you can top it with tile decals to transform their look. If you have plain tile, you can select a number of tiles to adorn with new tile stickers in order to create eye-catching wall patterns for your bathroom. Don’t rip out your tile and perform a major renovation when you can easily achieve a trendy bathroom look with new tile stickers.

Shower Doors

New frosted glass shower doors can be an expensive update for bathroom renovations. If you have shower doors and want to transform their look, you can use decorative privacy film in dazzling different styles. Self-adhering privacy film is easy to apply with a squeegee. You can add it to nearly any clean, smooth window. Best of all, this film is ultra-easy to clean using a damp cloth. No need for solvents or harsh chemical cleaners.


Did you know you can transform mirrors with privacy film too? You can use film or tile decals to create a border for bathroom mirrors. New mirrors can be pricey, but privacy film is an affordable option that will completely update the look of your bathroom. Privacy film and tile stickers are available in different sizes so you’ll be able to customize your decorative update.

Before you start your bathroom renovations

Before you start your bathroom renovations, visit the StickPretty website to explore its array of privacy film and sticker decals. You’ll find a wide selection of patterns inspired by Spanish, Portuguese, and Mexican prints, Art Deco and Mod designs, and 21st century digital stylings. These films and decals are a breeze to install and simple to remove. Peel part of their corner and pull to replace them with a different style.

Home decorators love window privacy film and tile tattoos because they offer so many decorative possibilities. Whether you’re planning to sell your house or simply want to update its look, you can rely on these products to transform your setting with an exciting new look.

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