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5 Great Ways to Protect Bedroom Privacy with Window Treatments

Bedroom window treatments have multiple uses. They shield you from prying eyes, provide protection from damaging sun glare, and complement your room décor. Fortunately, window film performs all these tasks and others rather well.

There’s a vast range of decorative window film patterns to choose from. That’s why many people use window film as stand-alone window décor. However, if you prefer more decorative window treatments, privacy window film is an excellent choice to enhance them. This simple option adds both privacy and beauty.

1. Shades

A pretty bedroom is dark and quiet, a perfect way to sleep. Bedroom window shades are typically made of wood, bamboo, fabric, aluminum, or vinyl. They are designed to either roll up or fold up and down. You can pick varying degrees of light filtration. Opaque or semi-opaque shades provide the most privacy. But they filter out a lot of light. To enjoy the natural light of the sun, opt for sheer shades. Just add window film for privacy.

2. Blinds

Rattan blinds look natural and enhance a home office.

Wood, aluminum, vinyl and faux wood are the most common materials for blinds. They hang vertically or horizontally. Vertical blinds are best suited to large windows and sliding patio doors.

For light filtration, they’re more versatile than shades. With motorized blinds, you have greater control over the amount of light you let in. Simply open the slats as much or as little as you want. On sunny days, open the blinds fully and enjoy the light. Privacy window film prevents outsiders from looking in.

3. Shutters

A light-filled kitchen is even pretty with classic shutters over the sink.

Wood or faux wood shutters are an attractive window treatment choice. But they don’t have the versatility of blinds and shades. Yet, most do swing open. You can also install shutters on the exterior of your home.

When closed, shutters can effectively filter out most light and have excellent privacy features. Pairing them with window film, secures privacy, open or closed. As a semi-permanent option, they’re suitable for owners, rather than renters.

4. Curtains


Curtains are a bedroom windDrapes are airy and light and create a true oasis with their light blue tones in a bedroom.ow treatment that can help beautify windows of all sizes. Black out and max blackout curtains are a popular choice for privacy. Some other benefits are noise reduction and enhanced insulation. But you’re sacrificing sunlight. With a window film and curtain combination, you can choose a semi-sheer curtain, instead. Let the light in and keep curious eyes out.

5. Drapes

If you have tall windows, drapes may be your best bet for privacy and attractive décor. Though similar to curtains, drapes are more heavy duty with light-blocking liners. They fall to the floor and deliver a formal décor aesthetic. Use pull back ties to elegantly frame your bedroom window with drapes. Install window film to conceal the room interior from neighborHeavy draperies create full privacy

s and passersby.

Bedroom Window Treatments with Window Film is the Best Match

Whether you choose shades, blinds, drapes, curtains, or shutters, be sure to install window film first. This added protection secures bedroom privacy. Plus, it can even help reduce your energy billsSelect a pattern that complements your window treatments and bedroom design theme to enhance your decorating efforts.

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