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Enhance Your Privacy with Window Film

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Sometimes, you feel like people are watching you through your windows. You are not a certain person because you think it hides the beauty of your windows. If this is the case for you, worry not. Our privacy window film ensures that no one from the outside can see you. It also provides that your home looks great and that people from the outside cannot peek at you. Here are a couple of things about these films that will help you choose the right style.

Traditional or modern

Whether your windows are in a modern or a traditional home makes a difference. For instance, if your windows are part of a dramatic window wall versus a small bathroom window, which is there simply to let in a bit of light and air, you’ll make very different choices. Some homeowners like to keep it simple and use a plain frosted film variety no matter what the house type. Others will be very careful about which style they choose—wanting to carefully match florals with a traditional home and geometrics or abstract prints with a modern one. And if you are lucky enough to have many, many windows in your home it’s important to know that you do not have to cover your entire window. You can keep the application to only the half or third of a window that onlookers can see into.


Where you place your product will help determine which color you’ll want for your home. Many people choose faux stained glass for a front door or sidelight installation. Whereas, if you’re placing it in a bathroom then you probably want to emulate the look of frosted glass. Another great option is a soft floral pattern in white that feels more like a textile. This type looks great in a bedroom. But mostly people use window film in a main living area where it’s important to reflect the existing decor. You can buy it in a gray or taupe to keep it neutral. Or, you can revisit the stained glass option if you want to make the window a design focal point. The style you choose will also be dependent upon your budget as some are more expensive than others.

Size & Use

There are many sizes to choose from when making your purchase. If you’re simply covering a small bathroom window then a 24” square is great. Often stores will have remnants, which are leftover pieces from large orders. If you want to cover a sliding glass door then you will likely need to have custom cut piece. You’ll also want to be sure to hire a professional wallpaper installer for such a large-scale installation. If you’re covering French Doors then you’ll have many panes of glass which are the same size. You can easily cut a pattern piece of cardboard and then use it to cut as many pieces as you need. Whichever size you need there is something on the market that will suit you.

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