Privacy Window Film: Fact or Fiction

Who’s to say why there are so many misunderstandings about privacy window film.  Maybe people think of those old “stained glass” products from the past. Or perhaps they’re unfamiliar with what the product can offer.  Maybe the manufacturers of windows, awnings and window coverings are to blame.

According to grandviewresearch.comthe global window films market size was valued at USD 7.93 billion in 2015.  More than likely, you’ve stood in front of or behind a window that has some kind of privacy window film applied to it.  You just didn’t know it.

So why is it so difficult to convince people of the facts even when they are presented with proof of the benefits of window film?

Let’s put an end, here and now, to a few urban myths concerning privacy window film.


Urban Myth #1 – Privacy window film looks cheap.  It’s only used as a “quick fix.”

While privacy window film can improve older homes and buildings, it’s far from a makeshift repair product.  Each and every day, window film is installed in newly constructed homes and buildings for reasons that include both safety and protection from the sun’s rays for your family, employees and furniture.


Privacy window film is anything but cheap; it’s designed to last for many years and is a great investment.

Urban Myth #2 – Privacy Window Film makes rooms dark.

True in the past; positively false today.  Current technology focuses on specific light but allows for day-to-day visible light to come through your windows.

The truth is that, when privacy window film is used, your family’s and employees’ comfort increases.   Living and work areas are cooler and there’s less glare. You’ll find yourself rolling up shades and pushing curtains to the side.  Turn off the lamps and let the natural light shine through!

Urban Myth #3 – My plants need the sunlight.

Privacy window film should have no effect on healthy plants.

If you’re worried, relocate your houseplant to a darker area of the house and watch for changes.  Or head to the internet or local nursery to find out just how much sunlight your greenery needs.


Some plants actually do better with privacy window film.  If yours look a bit wilted at the end of a bright sunny day, window film may actually help them to thrive.

Urban Myth #4 – You can’t clean your windows.

Windows covered by privacy window film can be cleaned just like any other window.   The film does need some time to cure; allow 72 hours post-installation. Who doesn’t love squeaky clean windows?  Here’s our suggestion for the best results:

  • Use a soft clean cloth, soft paper towel, or clean synthetic sponge. Gentle scrubbing is fine, but avoid anything abrasive.
  • Typical over-the-counter glass cleaners are adequate.  Steer clear of abrasives.
  • Use a soft cloth or squeegee for drying the window.

Urban Myth #5 – Privacy window film looks shiny.

Not anymore.  New materials are available that eliminate the shine.  There are even eco-friendly materials available.

Today’s privacy window film is an amazingly adaptable and beautiful product that can beautify your windows, enhance your home and save you money.

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