Pretty Light-Filled Rooms

Pretty Light-Filled Rooms…

Let the Sun Shine In
Of all the many furnishings and accessories available in today’s market there’s nothing that matches the beauty, the impact, and the affordability of natural light. A well placed window is all you need to spruce up a room and make your personal space shine…

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Illuminated Choices

The brilliance of sunlight brings out the natural texture, color, and lines of your furnishings, celebrating the details of your design choices. It can also help keep your lighting to a minimum, allowing you to create a space with a clever combination of recessed lights and lamp placement that never intrude.

Color it Yours: Light or dark, you can make it work!

So often you hear experts say to paint a room light colors to make it look bigger. Why that trick works is because the lighter a room, the more your furnishings will blend with the sunlight that fills it, creating a mirage of open air and open space. Adding a darker or contrasting color breaks up the space and distracts the eye from being drawn outside.

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While light rooms are a treasure embracing sunshine and expanding space as they do, there is another trick to maximizing a space: Keep things monochromatic. For example, if you’re a fan of blue, play with various shades and you’ll be amazed by how layering the tones creates a sense of infinity.

modern home decor

Our friends at Apartment Therapy featured this image of decadent tone-on-tone decor.

Sunlight in the Spotlight

Of course, once your color scheme, furnishings, and lamps are in place the last thing you want to do is interrupt your perfectly decorated abode by covering up your source of natural light. Curtains, blinds, and shades are always a great option and there’s a reason homeowners have been using window treatments for hundreds of years, but the new kid on the block—privacy window film—is the modern choice that never, ever blocks the light. It creates personal space in the same way all of the textile choices do, but it also affords you privacy while allowing the light to remain very much a part of your decorating plan. No holes or hardware are required for installation, and you’ll never need to pull, open, or close your window treatment again.


Going Halfsies

Perhaps the biggest advantage of window film over more conventional window treatments is the option to cover only half a window. If an eye-level view needs blocking, say a fence or a neighbor’s home is in your sightline and privacy isn’t required for the top half of a window, then cover only what you don’t want to see and continue to enjoy blue skies and natural light.

StickPretty Privacy Window Film


Privacy Window Film After

Design for All

Long gone are the days of the ugly, multi-colored stain glass imitations that saturated the market. Today’s best decorative window film is fresh and design-forward, emulating elegant frosted glass. Its unobtrusive, sophisticated, and provides a choice of prints never before seen to suit any style of home and personal taste.

If ‘modern’ describes your style there are plenty of clean-line patterns and geometrics to suit your taste. If you’re a traditionalist there are florals and even lace-like options reminiscent of an earlier era. Or, if you’re like so many of us that want to borrow a bit from the past whilst still embracing present trends, there are plenty of transitional choices to bridge an eclectic room.


A design trend that does not seem to be going anywhere is the retro look! Mid-century, Scandinavian sleek, and vintage chic all capture the 50s, 60s, and 70s decor that has taken hold of our collective interiors imagination. And it just happens that some of our favorite decorative window film stylings are throwback looks that are perfect complements to these stylings. For instance, our own Retro Dots and Retro Squares say it in their names and they speak the truth. Reminiscent of the Optic Art of the last century, those designs are bold studies in repetitive shapes. And then there’s a StickPretty favorite—Retro Peeps, which is full of amorphous flora and fauna shapes that recall the nod to naturalism so prevalent during the cheery post-war era.


No matter what your design ideal is, there is always a way to reflect it in your home decorating choices. But you can never, ever go wrong when you start with a light-filled room and help keep it that way by using privacy window film.

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