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How to Choose the Best Decorative Window Film Style for You

Find Your Decorative Window Film Style Match: 7 Categories to Suit Your Space

Ready to commit to a new and fabulous decorative window film design? Let’s do it, but first take a look around your home. Exactly what do you see? Spend a few minutes with our checklist and then read on to see which collection of our decorative window film patterns is most likely to provide your perfect match.

  • Is your furniture the latest and greatest, or is it full-on vintage or bust? a. Contemporary b. Retro
  • Do clean lines tickle your decorating fancy or are exaggerated shapes and florals more your style? a. Geometric b. Shabby Chic
  • Are you a 21st century creature, a creature of the Mid-century, or do you prefer timelessness? a. Contemporary b. Retro c. Classic
  • Do fine art still life’s adorn your walls? Or do you get the warm and fuzzies from the soft and plush? a. Graphic b. Shabby Chic
  • Do you merely tolerate being inside until you can plan your next outdoor activity? Nature is the only category for you!
Classic Window Film

Looking perfectly pretty and like it belongs in any decade, or even any century our Damask, Fleur, and Lace prints are timeless. This is the right category for your decorative window film needs if you want to take the guess work out of what you know will look good. Always.

classic damask print adorns frosted window film for privacy in a family dining room.
Use decorative window film for pretty privacy in your home.
Contemporary Window Film

Are you a modern ‘of the moment’ kind of person? You want the best and latest and the item that screams—’I bet you haven’t seen this before!’ Then you definitely want to explore our current trendsetting frosted window films.

Geometric Window Film

Give me a line, a circle, or a box and I’ll make a pretty pattern of it! This is easily my favorite style. Both classic and contemporary, when it comes to pleasing the eye nothing beats the mathematical perfection of mother nature’s geometry.

Graphic Window Film 

Make a statement, don’t be shy… If you agree that ‘if it’s worth putting in my space, then it’s worth noticing’ then bold graphic frosted window film should be your choice. Real-life depictions of daily life objects will take your windows to the next level of high design and flawless style.

Decorative window film on a bathroom door creates privacy and features a pattern of contemporary slightly sporadic horizontal lines.
Make a bathroom truly private with a frosted window film on a glass door. Shop Now!
Nature Window Film 

Want to bring the outside in? Does your home celebrate the finest of flora and fauna design? Then find your zen with our peaceful collection featuring dragonflies, pebbles, and palms. The best decorative window film choice for your love of all things Mother Nature.

Retro Window Film 

Do you view your decorative choices as throw backs to a simpler time when all patterns were highly stylized and full of life—no minimalist shapes, animals, or florals in any of your rooms? This collection has the quirkiest, coolest frosted window film prints to help turn your abode into your mid-century haven.

Shabby Chic Window Film

Our BoHo collection is the just-right decorative window film for your beach cottage, your lived-in living room, or any relaxed atmosphere where overstuffed pillows and patinated furniture rules the roost. Soothe your soul with the prettiest of soft, subtle patterns.

Delicate linear drawings of repetitive oversized jewels adorn a piece of privacy window film in in a family dining room.

StickPretty specializes in peel-and-stick solutions for a more livable, lovable home. Our decorative window film ensures you will never be ‘lights-out’ with a drawn window shade or curtains. We celebrate the simple pleasure of turning your home into the private haven we all deserve by installing a simple piece of decorative window film. Installing our frosted window film  is as easy as it sounds and we hope you’ll make the choice made by so many before you to make your privacy light and bright and pretty. Thank you for reading! Please reach out to us at [email protected] if we can answer any questions or assist in an order.

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