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Design Inspirations: The Next Privacy Window Film Collection

What does privacy window film have in common with Japanese kimonos, fine china, and album covers? They all need adornment. They are objects with a well defined purpose, but their decorative nature gives them the added benefit of becoming visual treasures. The function of our film may be singular, but the forms are infinite and we delight in every possibility! Here’s a little insight into our Fall 2020 prints…

Designing new privacy window film is a top priority in our studio. In between the web site tweaks, the printing, and the shipping we make time to call the muses and try to come up with the next ‘bestseller’ window film that will lovingly make its way into our customers’ homes.

We look for inspiration to pass on to you in your daily lives in a way that’s a little less obvious than a motivational poster or coffee mug… Little visual pleasures that happily nestle themselves into your home’s decor. 


Where do we find our inspiration? Nature is the obvious choice for our window film. When we step outside on a light-filled day, what do we see? Flowers and trees and sunlight as well as bugs and dirt and brown grass, all equally inspiring… (One day I will make a spider print that customers will love — I know I will!).

It’s no surprise that flowers tend to win as the obvious depiction of outdoor beauty. (If you check out the about page you’ll see the rose garden we tend just outside our doors…)

stickpretty willow privacy window film in black

vines stickpretty privacy window film

Our Willow and Vine privacy window film prints (above) are easily the most popular and it’s not difficult to see why. (I did not personally design them so I can say that!) They are beautiful and simple and recognizable as flora. The lines are easy to follow and they are pleasing to the eye in a way that never gets old. They are what we’d like to see when we look out a window.

zinnia stickpretty privacy window film

We have a few ideas in development based on petaled prizes such as Zinnias (above) and Hibiscus. They are busier and bulkier than the sinewy Willow and Vines, but they’re a bit more fun and the hope is you can imagine the bees and hummingbirds busily searching for pollen.

But what’s really caught my imagination of late is the simple circle. It exists everywhere in nature, although it usually hides itself in more complex objects. Its perfect symmetry is always a treat for the eye and does little to interfere with other patterns and furnishings around it.

midcentury privacy window film by stickpretty

Our circular Mid-Century design (above) continues to be a huge success! Gleaned from the crisp, minimal ironwork of the period architecture that shares its name it was easy to take a queue from a much loved era. But since creating Mid-Century we haven’t revisited the shape.

I’m pretty sure this recent circle spark came about after months of hearing the word global being used all day every day. Putting aside that it was generally referencing the Pandemic, the humble globe itself seemed to stick in a very positive way. It has always been a favorite object of mine, not just for the images of travel and adventure it conjures, but the juxtaposition of the perfectly circular geometry containing raging seas and perennially active continental shelves conjures the most magical of mysteries.

stickpretty willow privacy window film in black

vines stickpretty privacy window film

After a bit of experimentation we first came up with a facsimile of the earthly sphere with a working name of Atlas (above). It boasts a busy-ness of interior lines contained by a bubble. A throwback graphic to maps of yesteryear.

Dot Dot StickPretty Window Privacy Film

And then we got playful. Dot Dot (above) is a circle with flare. By throwing the edges into chaos we tease away any thought of symmetrical perfection. If I focus I can almost feel the fuzz.

Bunney's Ball StickPretty Privacy Window Film

Then there’s the tidiest and probably my favorite of the 3 new designs—Bunny’s Ball (above). I named it for the icon Bunny Mellon whose biography I just finished. As the designer of the White House Rose Garden, a great devotee of all things flora, and the embodiment of classic understated elegance I find her inspiring and her aesthetic makes me smile.

I hope the sweet little lines and the delicate repeated circles do the same for you. Can you see them bouncing? 



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