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Window Film: A Modern, Minimalist Solution

Less is a More Beautiful Window

Minimalism has found its way into almost every aspect of modern fashion. From architecture to interior design to how we look at windows, the trend seems to be a call for simplicity that doesn’t compromise style. Window films have taken their rightful place in the world of interior design, combining design with sustainability.

In the past, windows were expected to be dressed up with unapologetically bold prints and colors. Many have the mistaken impression that window film equals unadornment. Nothing could be further from the truth. Minimalist style doesn’t mean stripping away beauty. It simply suggests viewing your windows in a new and creative manner.

Why choose a minimalist window treatment?

Simply stated, minimalist style looks less fussy and feels spacious.  Research shows that people seek a more restful home environment.  Less fuss translates to reduced cleaning and maintenance.  And what could be more maintenance-free than window films; a sleek and light alternative that requires an occasional spray and wipe down?

How do you achieve a stylish window that matches your minimalist sensibility?

Leave them naked — well almost naked.  Bare can be beautiful if the window itself (sans shades, curtains, etc.) looks good.  And that’s what window film provides —the opportunity to improve and beautify the actual window.  The simple outline of your glass windows, combined with a well-chosen window film helps emphasize the room’s furniture or decoration.

Hide and Go Sleek

Seek beauty; hide flaws with the enormous variety of window films. Starting with the material itself, you can choose full privacy, sheer or the in-between of gradient. This isn’t your mother’s vinyl window covering; today’s window film is a practical pairing of functionality and beauty.  Now you can create a truly professional decorator’s look without compromising your view or your wallet.  You choose the look you want from a variety of patterns and opacity.  You create the look that matches your style.


Window film is revolutionizing our homes with its modern looks and ease of application. From design to color, the options are boundless.  Full coverage for privacy or accent for internal door or glass panels, window film is an affordable option that can be easily removed, making it a perfect choice for renters and homeowners alike. It’s a stylish option for either a new build or an established property.


Window film comes with advantages in addition to beauty and affordability.

Energy cost savings:  Summertime cooling bills can be a homeowner’s worst enemy. Industry studies suggest a potential savings of 30%, depending on the window film installed.

UV ray protection: Untreated windows only block to 25 to 50 percent. Window film helps by blocking up to 99 percent of UV rays from entering your home or business.

Extended window life:  Too often, windows that are structurally sound are discarded because they don’t meet energy efficiency demands or are a bit dated. Problems solved with window film — you can raise the energy efficiency and beautify…all for far less than the cost of new windows. Using what you have can be the green road to success!


Home design can be challenging; achieving a beautiful minimal look even more so.  Don’t be fooled; creating a clean and uncluttered, stylish combination of form and function takes careful planning.  “If the focal point of a room is the window, you want to play it up as much as possible,” says Abby Rodriguez, vice president of Chelsea Workroom, a New York atelier specializing in commissions for the interior design trade.  In the minimalist home, even though they are understated, window treatments add as much to the final look of the room as the rest of the items. Choose them with care to help you create a simple and uncluttered space.

For a minimalist look that can be subtle or striking; a “green” product that is beautiful as well as efficient, think window films.

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