Home Staging: Don’t Forget the Window Treatments
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Home Staging: Don’t Forget the Window Treatments

Home Staging: Don’t Forget the Window Treatments

Window treatments are too often overlooked when sellers are prepping their home for sale. One of the most common comments heard from those looking for a new home is “lots of natural light.” Low ceilings call for floor-to-ceiling drapes to create height. Move the shutter slats for a filtered effect. Small room? Try privacy window film to keep space uncluttered, light-filled and creatively decorated. The added benefit of privacy window film is that it allows natural light in while blocking harmful UV rays. Here are just a few helpful thoughts to consider for your next open house.

Window treatment advice: Sometimes less is more

You may want to remove heavy window treatments, especially draperies. They can make the room dark or seem dark, even when they are open. Take down any treatments that don’t match your décor, are outdated, dirty, frayed, or faded. Additionally, you want to remove any treatments that can’t be opened or are going to be a hassle to open every day.

Clean windows and window treatments before your open house

Clean windows and window treatmentsThink simple when stagingEveryone loves sparkling windows. Before your first showing, you’ll want to apply a little elbow grease to the glass and a little detergent to the fabric. Check the labels; your particular curtains may need to take a ride to the dry cleaner. Blinds and shades should be wiped down with a damp cloth. Check the manufacturers’ recommendations for care instructions.

The purpose of each room determines what type of window treatment works best. Make sure they go with the style and color palette in the room. Many times, you might already have the correct treatments in each room, or maybe they just need some cleaning or a little updating.

Remember that the prime directive is to let in as much natural light as possible. It’s not necessary to break the budget on this staging step. You want the window treatments to complement the room so that potential buyers can focus on the home in total instead of any one element.

Window treatment tips and tricks for the perfectly staged home

  • To make low ceilings appear higher, hang curtain rods close to the ceiling; use full-length curtains that hang to the floor. This will add a vertical element, making ceilings seem higher.
  • To widen a narrow window and allow more light in, use a rod that extends beyond the frame. With curtains pulled back, more of the window will show, making the window seem wider and allowing more light to enter.
  • To make a window appear taller, install a rod a few inches higher than the frame. Add a valance to cover the gap between the rod and frame. Choose vertical stripes or patterns.
  • To make a window appear shorter, install a valance on the frame instead of the wall. The valance will cover part of the window, making it seem shorter.
  • Grommet curtains and geometric patterns look well in a contemporary interior
  • For windows oddly placed or misplaced, use a window treatment that’s the same color as the walls. It’ll be less noticeable that way.
  • If you want to direct a buyer’s attention to a great view outside, hang curtains that are the same color as the wall. This will give the illusion of more space in a room as well.
  • Unattractive views call for sheers.  They’ll soften the view, and filter light.
  • Window film is a great option for conventional draperies, shades, blinds, etc.  Full light shines through, it’s easy to apply and even easier to remove.  It comes in a variety of design options and can create an entirely new window identity.  Window film is a terrific choice for tiny windows that may be overwhelmed by other treatments.
  • Small rooms call for understated window treatments. Again, privacy window film may be the perfect choice.
  • If the scale of a room is large overall, use window coverings that complement that grander feel.

Window treatments are used in interior home design to control light, create privacy, frame a view, add accent color and texture, and make a living space warm and inviting. Adding the correct window coverings can instantly change the look and feel of a room.

Home buyers today are looking for homes with plenty of natural light in every room. Window treatments for home staging should be basic in design– not too fussy. You want buyers to focus on your fantastic view or backyard, not the window blinds.

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