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Things to consider before selecting window coverings for your home

When curtains aren’t quite right for the special look that you long for there is a better way to do it with privacy window film. However, the market is full of different options so before you make your choice, there are things you should know to help you make just the right window coverings decision for your home, apartment, or office.


Know your fit

Knowing how you want your window film to cover your window is the most important part when searching the market. How much of a view and how much privacy you want to maintain is the key to making the right decision. Privacy window films can only be fixed in two different ways, either fully covering the window for total privacy, or covering half the window to give you privacy only where necessary.

Perfect Privacy

The perfect fit completely block outsiders’ views. When you select your film during the installation period, you may fit it above the window or chose one that covers the entire window. This ensures that the window is bright for that pleasant view you long for, filling your room with sunlight. Either installation will be completely contained within the window, leaving you with no holes or obtrusive hardware surrounding your window.


Mastering the Measurement

Fitting the privacy window film on your window is a simple but detailed process. If you have newer windows they will likely be even and plumb in each corner. But when you have an older home it’s important to take into account the lack of straight lines and imperfect corners. The older the window, the smarter it is to add a bit more to each measurement. We recommend at least 1” to every side. Taking the correct measurement is very important and helpful.

Cutting to Fit

When it’s time to trim, start from a top corner and run your razor blade or craft knife down the side of the window. Cut slowly and carefully and maybe have a buddy with you to help ensure the film doesn’t move when as you cut. If you have a piece of stiff cardboard or a board to wedge into the side of the window this will help create good tension for a straighter line. Be accurate with your cutting.

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Made to fit

There are window treatments that are made to conform to your windows just like the privacy window films. This is the one that fits your window and proportionally relates perfectly. This is the kind that gives you room for a second layer of coverage. In this case, you can fit in the curtains you want over your window film and still have a beautiful home.

With these tips on how to select and go for a window treatment, I know that you will have the best design for you, the one that will flow with your decorations and make you feel proud of your house, and will fit your window and your home in every possible way.

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