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Best Five Cheap and Effective Frosted Glass Alternatives You Can Find With Minimal Spending

Frosted glass is the window dressing of choice for many homeowners. It’s practical and obscures shapes without cutting light. You can cover your windows, cabinets, or any partition with this material to create separate spaces. But it has some flaws. No matter how well you choose and install it, the glass starts looking dull and dreary after a while. Plus, its installation is too pricey. We have gathered some Frosted Glass Alternatives ideas here.

Luckily, there are cheaper and stunning options like window films that can serve both purposes without breaking the bank. Let’s check out five alternatives to frosted glass windows that will fit the tightest budgets, too:

1. Privacy Window Films

When you crave for natural light to come through your rooms without shooting your utility bills out of the roof, privacy window film can do wonders. You can install them anywhere with no extra tools or expertise. Spray some water and stick the film to the surface. It’s a DIY project you’ll love.

The best part is you can remove the films any time you want without leaving behind any scratches or dents on the windows. They look amazing in the bathroom, where you can enjoy complete privacy.

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2. Decorative Window Tints

If you fancy natural views from your bathroom or living room window, pick a designer and decorative window tint. You may buy removable tinting that allows light and privacy while you enjoy glorious designs on your windows. The options in this frosted glass alternative may range from natural sceneries to wild oats, floral patterns, pebbles, and palm deserts.

If natural designs aren’t your thing, there are geometrical patterns, dotted circles, and abstract prints for charming you.

stickpretty privacy window film otto design install

3. Vintage Half-Glass Coverage

The sleek, elegant Scandinavian designs can pop up any window without being too expensive. Create a vintage chic décor on your windows with a privacy window film covering only half the surface. This way, you can enjoy maximum light in your rooms while obscuring your neighbor’s house or fence from your view.

Get the privacy you need and save your utility expenses by up to ten percent. Throwback designs look elegant and complement the existing decor elements. You may choose retro dots, shapes, or patterns reminiscent of the past few decades.

stickpretty privacy window film otto design install

4. Stylish Curtains or Drapes

Curtains can add functionality, style, and versatility to your cheap and effective home décor. You may invest in readymade drapes that come with ornate designs or make it a DIY project and create lace curtains at home. Sheer lace curtains will add beauty to your windows by dressing them up and cost only a few dollars.

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5. Double-Sided Window Films

With a two-way privacy window film, you can turn your window into a tinted mirror. You will see outside the window, but no one can peep inside your bathroom through this screen. It is a cost-effective option if you don’t want any decorative accents on it. Mostly, the prices depend on your window’s size.

stickpretty privacy window film otto design install

The traditional window treatments like shutters, draperies, and shades can also offer privacy in your rooms. Also take a look here for Window Treatment Ideas for Sliding Glass Doors. But, if you want to go total thrifty, choose one of the options mentioned above and save more bucks.

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