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A Room With a View: Top 6 Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

The Japanese poet, Yosa Buson once said, “Throw open your window and let the scenery of clouds and sky enter your room!” While you might enjoy bringing the outdoors in, you may also want some privacy and privacy for you window. Here we will enclose some window treatment ideas.

How will you achieve that balance? What are the best window treatments for function and style?

Looking for some window home decor ideas? When it comes to complimenting your style and maintaining privacy, there are many options. Keep reading to learn about some fantastic window treatment ideas!

1. French Pleat Draperies

stickpretty French Pleat Draperies

If you’re going for a big, dramatic statement, French Pleat draperies deliver. They sound fancy but these are the stately, accordion-style, floor-to-ceiling window coverings that rest on a curtain rod and easily glide closed when privacy is needed. If you have a room with high ceilings or simply a large space, draperies might be just the thing to dress up the room.

Hang them close to the ceiling to draw the eye up making the ceiling seem higher than it is. This type of curtain becomes the focal point of the room.

2. Rattan Blinds

stickpretty Rattan Blinds

This type of blind has a little more pizzazz than wood or vinyl blinds. Made from palm tree stems, the naturally translucent material allows light to filter in. They are great for privacy in a bathroom or bedroom or even in a family room.

They go with just about any color or print and can be dressed up or down.

3. Window Film

stickpretty privacy Window Film

If you like a very minimalist look, but want some privacy, try peel and stick or cling window film. You can use it alone for a sleek, understated look or outline with simple panel curtains.

It’s great for wood-trimmed windows you want to highlight.

4. Plantation Shutters

stickpretty Plantation Shutters

This is a classic look that gives you privacy when you desire and lets the sunshine in on those sunny days. Plantation shutters are simple and timeless.

5. Roman Shades

stickpretty Roman Shades

Roman shades can go over blinds to dress them up or stand on their own. Have them custom made with any fabric to compliment your decor or go with a solid, linen panel.

They add a romantic touch to any room. Consider using the ones with ties to add a design flourish or keep it uncomplicated with cordless ones.

6. Farmhouse Shutters

stickpretty French Pleat Draperies

Does your home have that farmhouse shabby chic charm? Flank your windows with farmhouse wood shutters, the rustic cousin of the more formal plantation variety, to complete the look. Close them up at night for the ultimate privacy.

Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

Now that you’ve seen a variety of window treatment ideas for your home, which ones fit your home’s needs? Whether you feel that a room is not complete without lush french-pleated window treatments or you just want to keep it simple with privacy window film, today’s options are all worth considering.

If you prefer the latter option, our StickPretty team would love to help you transform your windows with customized window film. Contact us today.

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