New Year’s Decorating Resolutions – Windows and Walls with privacy window film

The thing about New Year’s resolutions is this: too ambitious and you may stop mid-stream. Ho-Hum – why bother at all?  Now that the holidays are over, it’s the ideal time to re-think your home. Introducing Stick Pretty, the premiere choice for the latest trend in window and wall treatments – privacy window film and wall decor.  Saving money is just one incentive for making New Year’s resolutions. Whether your goal is energy efficiency, security or glare reduction, privacy window film fills the need…beautifully!

Home is the center to which we return each day. Therefore, it should be a beautiful location in which you feel comfortable and safe.  Whether the space you call home is a house, apartment, rented or owned, you deserve a space that reflects your personality and fulfills your needs. If your space needs some help or just a style reboot, the New Year offers the perfect opportunity to make improvements.

Open the window to a world of possibilities with privacy window film

With privacy window films, you can easily give your windows the look of frosted, etched, or textured glass.  Our films let you customize your surroundings and give your windows a new life.  No matter what your need, we offer styles that combine functionality with gorgeous results.  Stick Pretty’s easy-to-install privacy window film:

  • Enhances your decor
  • Add privacy
  • Improves security
  • Reduces heat and glare from UV rays
  • Increases shatter resistance

Film products are modern, money-smart alternatives to typical window coverings. Unlike shades, drapes and sheers, they don’t block natural light or hide window frames. Instead, our privacy window films let sunlight in, while keeping prying eyes out. And they’re available in a broad selection of designer looks, including several styles that mimic expensive specialty glass. Explore your options to find the Stick Pretty window film that complements your windows, home and life.

We offer a variety of sizes and shapes to suit your most creative ideas.

From living rooms to bedrooms, skylights to shower surrounds, our films add style and so much more.

Style with tile decals

If a new kitchen or bathroom tiles are a bit beyond budget right now, why not consider covering existing tiles with a unique and beautiful decal? Our tile “tattoos” are made from heat and water-resistant premium vinyl, so they can live up to your home’s daily wear and tear in kitchens, showers, bathrooms and outdoor spaces. Easily applied and removed without damaging surfaces, they are the perfect choice for both homeowners and renters.  Keeping up with the latest decor trend is just a peel away.

Tile Stickers Tile Decals Tile Tattoos StickPretty Home Decor

Tile decals are a great way to change the look and feel of your bathroom or kitchen.  You won’t believe how quickly they will refashion the entire feel of a room.  Even just a few scattered decals will make a big impact on any room.

The decals are available in a choice of sizes: 4” square, 6” square and customizable up to 12.”

Introducing our newest product – Stick Pretty’s Wall Decor

No need for paint, glue and the hassle and mess associated with beautifying your walls.  Wall Decor from Stick Pretty to the rescue!

Vinyl wall art is the latest way to decorate your walls and more in an easy, mess-free, and affordable manner. Whether you are looking for a change to your living room or a creative way to refresh a child’s bedroom, our wall decor provides a unique and inexpensive solution for decorating your home.

Wall Decor Wallpaper Wall Stickers Stick Pretty Home Decor Ideas

And it’s not just for walls…think faux headboard, dramatic stairs or an inviting decorative element above your favorite reading chair. Think about applying this creative design product to blank walls or a backsplash – peel-and-stick wall grip material is an easy way to update or completely change your space.

Our wall decor comes in two sizes:  4” high X 48” long and 8” high X 48” long. You choose the size that fits your project.  This peel-and-stick product makes it the perfect choice for large and small areas alike. Adhesives are gentle; making them the ideal choice for application to cabinetry, including IKEA furniture.  Removable and re-positionable peel-and-stick wall grip material means you can transform your room in minutes, adding a decorative accent that works for any decor. If you’re thinking of replacing them with a new design, don’t worry…you can easily remove and replace them with your favorite new design.

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