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Celebrating Sunlight During Your Coronavirus Quarantine

10 Ways to Embrace Sunlight in Your Home as We Flatten the Covid-19 Curve

Our collective Coronavirus quarantine has upended our daily routines in ways no one predicted. We’re home—all the time! We’re working in makeshift offices with the hopes we’ve distanced ourselves far enough from our family to prevent an embarrassing cameo during our next Zoom chat… We’re schooling our children ourselves—am I really expected to teach my child violin? And the Tiger guy on Netflix is nearly as central to our new lives as social distancing… There’s no end to the new normal we’ve had to endure.


The More that Changes, the More that Stays the Same

But a few notable things remain unchanged—screen time entertainment is paramount (what would we do without it), mealtimes are maintained like clockwork (perhaps even a bit better as the family now has little choice but to sit down together regularly), and the night continues to turn into day, and day to night, and night to day uninterrupted.

Light Bright Delight

For me, it’s this trademark of our physical universe—the spin of the earth crossing the sun’s path and bringing us the light bright delight of the galactic great ball of fire’s glow on the regular— that gives me cause to celebrate what remains stable in these strange days.

Whatever else has been taken from us, the kiss of sunlight remains ours. And I am prouder than ever that our privacy window film is an avenue for celebrating the sun, helping homeowners enjoy the great orb’s daily warmth and brilliance without hiding it behind shades, blinds, or curtains. 

So when you next find yourself cursing the confines of your surroundings, try seeking out a little natural light and remembering the beauty of the sun in Spring!

StickPretty’s top 10 ways to celebrate the sun!

1) Boost your Vitamin D: Find a safe space outside 3 times a week and enjoy the sun’s rays for as long as it would take you to enjoy your favorite beverage. 

2) Save Energy: Turn off the lights and pull a chair up to the window. Do your on-line reading in a sun-drenched room…

3) Bolster Your Eyesight: Sunlight helps curb shortsightedness, especially in growing children.* NewYorkTimes


4) Supplement Your Cleansers with Sunlight: Expose anything you can to natural light, most especially yourself! It might not rid you of the virus but it will kill other microscopic unwanteds.

5) Grow Green: Make sure those house plants and indoor herbs you’ve been neglecting are kissing the sun regularly. And now is the time to consider planting that garden you’ve always wanted.

6) Sun Tea: Au Naturale brewing is as low-tech and as good as it gets!

7) Sleep Tight: After time spent in the sun the body is more likely to relax and rejuvenate overnight, and we all know we need our sleep right now!

8) Take a Picture: There’s nothing like sunlight to reveal intricate details of your home or surroundings. Just point and shoot and see things in a new way.

9) Exercise: Heat up in the sun’s rays and sweat out those extra calories for a health plan that’s as old as time…

10) Treat Yourself to Inspiring Poetry and Prose: Use sunlight- and nature-inspired lines to remind you of the simplicities of life and living. When you’ve seen enough memes, caught up on the latest news reports, and watched ALL the Christmas Hallmark movies dig up some good old-fashioned, heart-felt lines of schmaltz…

Here are the first few lines from a favorite by Jenny Joseph:


The sun has burst the sky

Because I love you…


Sweet, simple, and full of sunlight. Just the way we like it.

Be well and enjoy what remains normal.

Team StickPretty

StickPretty is more than just ‘stuck-on style’ window films and decals… We’re an all-in brand for the adventurous homeowner looking for smart, creative solutions.

Our custom print-to-order production means we have only one person at the time in our Florida studio. We are healthy and working happily and wish the same for you.

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