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The Window Film Advantage

Everyone loves natural light. There’s nothing that lifts the spirit more than light streaming into a room.  Feeling it, on the other hand, is a different story. Being warmed by the sun may be great in winter, but the beautiful sunlight of spring, summer and fall bring heat and glare.  It can make a home unbearably hot; it can send your energy bill through the roof. Curtains, shutters and blinds have been used for centuries to block the harmful effects of the sun. Welcome to the newest member of the window treatment world – privacy window film. Sometimes referred to as window tinting, privacy window film, it is a thin laminate film that installed to the interior or exterior of glass surfaces.

This article explains how window films can be effectively used to make just about any window more efficient and more beautiful. Here are just a few of the reasons…

Savings & Comfort

On average, a home will lose 10% of its heat through the windows.  Energy Star reports that untreated windows can waste half of the money spent on your home’s utility bills. Privacy window film could reduce your monthly energy bill by up to half.  The film helps keep heat in during cold months and out during the summer.

Glare reduction

It’s annoying trying to watch your favorite television show while sunlight is glaring off the. It can make it hard to relax in your space and, in the end, you may decide to block out the sun altogether with curtains or blinds. Privacy window film allows you to enjoy your screens (TV, computer, etc.) by reducing glare.  There’s no need to close shades or curtains and block out all of your home’s natural light.

UV screen

Glare isn’t only about eye comfort. UV rays can be harmful to your skin, and especially to your children’s skin.  If you’re sitting still in your house, it’s still possible to get sunburned as the sun shines through the window. A regular window offers little protection.  And it’s not just your skin at risk. The Skin Cancer Foundation reports that UV rays contribute to the development of premature skin aging and cataracts, as well as cancers. Do your plans include sun-screening yourself before breakfast?

Instead, choose privacy window film to protect your family from harmful UV rays.

Furniture protection

Have you ever noticed how curtains and upholstered furniture near the windows fade over time? This is a consequence of sun damage. Privacy window film can extend the life of your possessions by reducing sun-related fading. Standard glass windows offer only minor sun protection. Window film in your home can preserve carpet, wood flooring, furniture, and other possessions from sun damage.

Privacy & security

Adding privacy window film makes it difficult for people outside to see into your home; protecting you, your family and your possessions. Most light that hits the film bounces back; it acts as a mirror, making it harder to see into your from sidewalks and yards.  It’s particularly useful if your home is close to the street.  In the meantime, you’ll still be able to see out without a problem. This means that home window tinting is a great choice for anyone concerned about their privacy.  You can also pick decorative films to add a bit of character to your home. So it’s not just a functional choice.

Affordable alternative to replacement windows

Window film is easily installed on your existing glass. Enjoy the same benefits of a costly replacement for a fraction of the cost.

Damaged “smash-proof” windows

A cracked or broken window is never good news.  Privacy window film will help to hold the glass together, preventing further damage and potential injury.

Curb appeal booster

Your home isn’t just where you live; it’s your largest investment. This practical method for creating a more comfortable living space can also enhance the aesthetic qualities of your home. Privacy window film is fast becoming the go-to choice of homeowners looking to improve curb appeal.  Thanks to the ever-growing colors and patterns available, ease-of-use and eco-friendly materials available, there’s a film to meet every homeowner’s aesthetic and wallet.


The bottom line is that adding privacy window film to your windows will help to improve your home, as well as your quality of life. From decreasing energy bills to increasing curb appeal, it may be one of the best home improvement decisions that you can make.  So c’mon…let the sunshine in!

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