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Pricing Matters: Printing Window Film and Wall Decals as a Boutique, not a Big Box.

Top Shelf, Bottom Line

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We know pricing matters to you but pricing makes a big difference to us too! We spend every ounce of our energy giving you, your order, and your project the most thoughtful and considerate design-wise practicality and wow-factor we can muster while not breaking the bank—yours or ours. We want you to take as much pride in showing off what we do as we take in making it, and a key part of that simpatico means understanding what you’re paying for.

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There are many reasons our pricing structure exists as it does and we would like to illuminate for you why we charge what we do. Bottom line, we have worked to make our product the most affordable for both you AND us in creating what we believe is the best product on the market. It may be a bit more than others that line the shelves of the large chains and Amazon pages, but we stand behind our price and our product. Here’s why…

Customer Service

Our proudest, and possibly most novel brand signature is keeping someone with first-hand knowledge of our operations on the other end of the phone, email, or Facebook Messenger to help. Someone who has printed, packaged, and created one of the designs that you’re purchasing will answer any of your questions, probably in a little TOO much detail! In the era of tech-driven sales and purchases we have yet to outsource our communications.

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We also have trained professionals exclusively overseeing every single aspect of your order—from start to finish. The same hands that print your orders package them too. Our only outside 3rd party ‘contractor’ is USPS, who are the shipping experts and who we are honored to work with. We do absolutely everything else.

Original Designs, Growing Collection

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Standing tall next to our brand signature customer service are our original designs, and we are ALWAYS working on new ones. Creating our original illustrations is probably what we do best, but when we’re working on the ‘drawing board’ we’re not printing, preparing orders, or speaking with our customers. There are hundreds of hours of design work that must find their way into our pricing.

Quality DIY

We’ve been told time and again stories of other manufacturers’ materials that simply do not work—film that falls off windows or requires customers to add adhesive themselves. We use high-grade commercial sign material that holds our inks beautifully and is made to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

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And we alone offer an exclusive pvc-free, eco friendly window film material. This window tinting costs us considerably more than our standard adhesive window film, but we think it’s important to maintain the same consumer price on both materials so we set a price in the middle to ensure all costs are covered. It’s good for the earth and it cuts like butter!


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We offer so many designs, sizes, and colors that it would be impossible for us to keep costs down by pre-printing all of our many options. Other companies keep their selection to a minimum so they can print in bulk and not expend the extra time and money to manage the many, many item variations we do.


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Because we do not hold inventory or pre-print our designs and colors we can fulfill a host of customer requests outside standard product offerings. We offer full customization of size and color so any customer can receive exactly what is needed for a project. Whether it’s a tile or window size or a must-have color we will tweak it ’till it’s right.


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One of our biggest disadvantages as a small-scale company is not getting the shipping discounts afforded to the likes of Amazon and other behemoth competitors. We pay considerably more to send our packages and envelopes, and we try to do as much of this as we can without passing the fluctuating rates on to you in real time. Nonetheless, we have to factor in packaging and postage costs that are far less competitive than either you or us would like.

Damages, Returns…

Where our nimble operation competes quite well with the big volume league is in handling mishaps, damages, exchanges, and reprints. We strive to manage any necessary product fixes robustly and with as much hassle-free ease as possible. We believe with sincerity in the premise that the customer is always right, but we can only support this belief if our bottom line is smiling like we are.

…and Sampling

We offer individual sample requests at next to no cost. We ask that shipping and ink costs are covered, but that’s about it. Our product price helps us make this as fruitful a request for you as it is painless to us.


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Our equipment is the best in the biz. Laying ink and cutting materials is what we do and we must meet our industry’s highest quality standards of technology and maintenance to ensure our product is always the best in show.

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We want to keep your blues blue, your whites white, and your edges straight. Giving you a flawless product is like walking into a well cleaned room—if it’s dusted, vacuumed, and perfectly tidy you don’t even notice, and if it’s not you will turn the other way!

Integrity and Accessibility

We’ve listed many of our best attributes, some of which we may share with larger companies. But there are realities of the big store experience that simply can’t touch our hands-on attention to detail.

Our compressed supply chain and limited scale means there’s no passing of the buck—it only ever stops in one place and that’s the StickPretty Studio. What this means for you is that not only are we always on call to take compliments and share your joy in completing a project, but we are equally prepared to address questions and concerns and take responsibility.

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We hope you reach out soon… whether it’s with a query or a sale or a kind word about how a purchase you never thought you’d pay for turned out to be your favorite home improvement, we’re open for business!

Thank you!

Roxie Mae Lackman, Creative Director

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