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Privacy Window Film: The Modern Solution

Privacy Window Film: The Ultimate Window Treatment Solution!

Home décor for today’s lifestyle should be as beautifully effortless as it is functional. Privacy window film reflects this modern necessity as much as any good design choice in the interiors market. Here are 6 reasons why:

Privacy window film is the perfect home furnishing for doors, windows, and glass in the home. StickPretty Pixel design is shown here in a dramatic modern home on glass panels surrounding a staircase.
Using privacy window film has many advantages over every other window treatment, including endless choice from online speciality boutiques.
  1. Customizable/Made to Order
  2. Eco Friendly 
  3. Minimal Design
  4. Modern Aesthetic
  5. Boutique purchase (no big box or designer necessary!)
  6. No Maintenance

Custom Privacy Window Film:

Just as it is with fashion so it goes with privacy window film: one size does NOT fit all. Today’s films should and can EASILY be ordered as a custom item made to fit perfectly. Width and height are all you need to get it right. Unlike so many other furnishings in the home, window film is a 2-dimensional purchase so it’s no sweat to get it cut exactly to your specs by a window film specialist!

Measuring a window takes under 2 minutes, including the all important re-measure, and the numbers never lie—once you have your dimensions the professionals take care of the rest.  So, there are no excuses to not getting a personalized size that will give your window treatment a truly tailored look.

Measuring a window for privacy window film is the A to Z of prep work for purchasing a custom piece that will fit your window perfectly. A well dressed woman is shown standing in front of a window holding a measuring tape

It is a far more streamlined process than measuring for curtains, blinds, or shades that require allowances for hardware and overhangs. More often than not, a design professional or handyman will need to help during the ordering process (and most definitely during installation) when buying one of these ‘fussier’ window treatments. Ordering custom-size window film is a win/win—it’s a time supersaver and results in a perfectly fitting product!

Keep in mind: If you’re in a newer home there is no easier solution than window privacy film when a window treatment is needed. If you have an older home it is still a fantastic choice but a few extra measurements will be needed to ensure your older windows are properly covered. If you see that your windows have caked on paint from years of remodels, or find that the edges of your window are not perfectly straight then take your measurements down an 1/8′ of an inch so any of those rough obstructions do not interfere with the edge of the film.

No Maintenance:

Speaking of time… who has extra minutes for, well, much of anything these days? I know I don’t and neither do most people I try to make personal plans with, even for a simple coffee date. And I think we can all agree that the last thing anyone wants to do is spend one’s already spent time on cleaning! A window covered in privacy window film means a streak-free, finger-print-free, low-dirt existence! In other words, a HUGE advantage to window film is that you can clean it with a quick wipe of a ‘Swiffer’ or a low-lint cloth. Privacy window film from StickPretty showcases a beautiful abstract floral design called 'Otto.'.

The faux frosted glass effect of window privacy film removes the crystal clear look of glass that is, by nature, very high maintenance to maintain. Your guests will be far too intrigued by your expensive looking frosted glass to notice any imperfections, i.e., hand prints or smudges on your beautiful window. And, unlike blinds, shades, and curtains, there are no moving parts, there is nothing to break, replace, rust, scratch your walls, or clutter your visual space and, best of all, the film looks brand new until the day you remove it!

Keep in Mind: No abrasives or harsh chemicals should be used on your window film or it could get scratched.

Eco Friendly:

Many consumers have decided to take into consideration the ‘green’ factor when making purchases for their home, and privacy Window Film is the Green Choice in today’s window treatment market for several reasons:

  • A single sheet of privacy window film requires a fraction of the processing time and materials when manufactured that blinds, shades, or curtains do. Other window coverings are much more involved feats of engineering, and textiles, as beautiful as they are, result in a high level of pollutants to air and water. Until we all stop wearing denim or wanting exquisite sheets for our beds and fabrics for our couches I for one am fine giving up textiles for my windows and turning to the humble window film as a responsible replacement.
  • When it comes to post-production, window film uses far less resources than most home furnishings to store and ship. Simple and sleek—the best of modern living!
  • Even better, there is a pvc-free option available! Yes, indeed, the poly-vinyl plasticizers that we could all do to have less of are absent in the StickPretty pvc-free cling film. It has no adhesives and it cuts like an absolute dream when it comes time for installation.
Keep in Mind: By installing a 24/7 privacy window film you’re cutting down on cooling bills thanks to an extra layer of shielding from the sun!

Minimal Design:

I love a flourish—I live for the symmetrical intricacies of Georgian architecture and the swirls of Rococo furniture, but the modern world loves a straight line! So all hail the flat sheets that are privacy window film—elegant and sophisticated and beautiful, but minimal to its core it is fully in-line with Mies Van Der Rohe’s LESS IS MORE tenant. There’s great value in accessorizing windows in a humble way and leaving the grand designs to the couches and kitchen and rug choices.

Whether it’s a single circle in repeat (below left)… a small-scaled diminutive pattern (below right) there are many options for those that want to make a noticeable yet subtle statement.

Privacy window film provides simple and effective beauty. ANNA StickPretty window film design.

Circular iron fretwork privacy window film pattern in white.

Keep in Mind: If you want a truly seamless look that can go absolutely anywhere in your home, you can go for a patternless window film. Try the design-free frosted faux-glass window film. Nothing but simple privacy. Simply marvelous!

Modern Aesthetic:

A window covering that does exactly what it says in such a perfectly effective yet streamlined way is as good as it gets. It never has to be raised or lowered, opened and closed, dusted in the time-consuming way that blinds do. It announces itself quietly as a thoughtful and pleasing utilitarian cover, never overtaking a room or interior style. It’s both a whisper of style and a stalwart supplier of function—as long as the window film is on a window then privacy will always be yours. No exceptions!

As our opening image illustrates, a gorgeous contemporary interior is the perfect complement to a window film that acts as both glass enhancer and protector. It allows today’s architecture to celebrate glass and light without interrupting, obscuring, or complicating the lines of windows and walls. Visually speaking, a piece of window film is the least disruptive window treatment solution.

Keep in Mind: Modern and Traditional mix beautifully. Even if you have a home filled more with nods to the past than modern-influenced purchases and sensibilities, window film is still an easy choice. It is the best of transitional design, working in any interior environment.

A Boutique Purchase:

A new customer friendly, design-forward marketplace is developing in the home improvement industry—online boutiques! Big box stores are great for the nuts and bolts of a renovation or new construction project but when you’re looking for nuanced design and customization it’s a tough ask to find what you’re looking for in a warehouse-style setting. Likewise, designer managed projects will always have a place for those who want full ‘white glove’ service, but you will always pay top dollar for the attention.

Privacy window film is shown installed on the window of a contemporary home.
Window privacy film lets the light shine in but keeps out onlookers! And it never stops looking great in your home. CLICK HERE TO SHOP NOW

Growing at an astonishing rate in between these 2 retail extremes are online outlets that cater to the discerning eye and provide a far wider and oftentimes higher quality selection than the big box shops. Those who are budget-minded AND hope to realize a highly personal creative vision have many gorgeous options when their fingertips take a twirl on their keyboard!

Lucky for you…

Privacy window film has been embraced by exceptional entrepreneurial talent as part of the online shopping renaissance. From to to there are e-commerce options far beyond what the box stores can offer, at prices that wouldn’t cover a rug replacement by a designer. So go online and take in the bounty brought to you by boutique online businesses!

Keep in Mind: When you shop at one of these small outlets, it is a great idea to reach out directly via chat or email and let them know exactly what you’re looking for. They can customize more often than not and they nearly always have active discount coupons!

Now Start Your SHOPPING!

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