Window Privacy Film

Enjoy Light Filled pretty AND private rooms today! Use privacy window film from StickPretty…

Our translucent privacy window film lets in natural light while it shields you from neighbors and unwanted views. It gives you full 24/7 coverage, making it the perfect nighttime privacy window film, unlike one-way privacy window film that works only during the day.

Install our bathroom privacy window film in any room of the house…

Our entire collection of frosted window film is waterproof, which makes it especially beautiful in the bathroom, where it mimics glass that costs 10x as much. Using it as sidelight window privacy film in your front door also highlights its frosted glass qualities. But don’t forget kitchen, bedroom, and living room applications!

Everything is removable privacy window film you can peel off at any time, so it’s great for homeowners as well as renters.

All of our patterned, decorative window film is available in a choice of materials…

Choose either adhesive-free window cling film or our standard adhesive privacy window film, and you will have full privacy, decrease heating and cooling bills by as much as 10%, and add statement and style to your windows. Privacy window film is the modern window covering solution you’ve been looking for!

If you want to learn how to install our window film, and see just how easy it is, click here!

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