What Is Best for Residential Window Film | Privacy Film vs Decorative

Are you interested in adorning your residential windows? Not enough homeowners take advantage of residential window film. It’s a great way to add something “extra” to your windows.

Whether you’re interested in privacy film or decorative window film, there are options that suit every decoration preference and lifestyle, but which is right for you?

Keep reading to learn all about privacy window film and decorative window film so you can make the right choice for your home.

Sliding doors look great with window film because the natrual light is never blocked in a room.

Why Would I Want Privacy Film?

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to invest in privacy film for your home.

If you’re someone who’s surrounded by neighbors, you might worry about potential peeping Toms or even the casual neighborhood glance through your windows.

Not all peekers are intentional. If you have the lights on at night, someone on a nighttime stroll could see inside unintentionally. On the other hand, sometimes onlookers are doing it on purpose, and that’s more frightening.

When you use privacy window film, you protect your home from people who aren’t meant to see inside.

Even if you don’t care that much about privacy, privacy film also can also help you block out light if you choose a translucent option. If you don’t like the weight of heavy curtains, privacy film can take their place.

By blocking out light, not only will you have a more comfortable home experience, but you’ll also save money on heating and air conditioning (or keep a cooler home if you don’t have air conditioning at all).

Why Would I Want Decorative Film?

Standard decorative film isn’t as opaque as a home window privacy film. That said, it does still provide some protection from onlookers and sunlight.

This film comes in plenty of varieties from stained-glass to sparkles. Some films have large gaps that allow the glass to show through. These window films cast designs and light into your home.

If you don’t prioritize privacy or light protection, a decorative film might be for you.

Which Is Best?

When you’re choosing between the two kinds of window film, it really comes down to your preferences. That said, even though we’re making a distinction between decorative and privacy film, that doesn’t mean that privacy film doesn’t have decorative qualities.

You can get privacy window film in plenty of fun designs. While you may not get the almost-transparent look of decorative film, the opacity and designs of privacy film offer you the best of both worlds.

For most households, privacy film is the better option.

Which Residential Window Film Is Right for You?

If it’s time to add some flair to your windows, residential window film is the answer. Whether you want the security and light protection of privacy film or the flair from a film that’s purely decorative, window film is a great way to modify your windows.

Are you looking for a window film that’s both beautiful and private? We have what you need. Visit our shop to check out all of our beautiful designs and pick the perfect film for your home.

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